4 Most Common Places A Roof Will Leak | A Roof Repair Guide

4 Most Common Places A Roof Will Leak [Roof Repair Guide]


The most common places a roof will leak

Roof leaks can be costly if they go undetected and ultimately can cause significant damage to not only your roof but the interior of your home and belongings if left untreated. Even a hairline crack can turn into something major costing you lots of money and time in the process.

Therefore, it is wise to be aware of the weak points in the structure of a roof and those areas which are susceptible to damage and leakage as the roof begins to age. This way you can be well aware of any issues that may creep up as your roof starts to become older and weather away.

Identifying common roofing problems quickly can help you to make a decision about whether you should repair or replace your roof thus helping save money and time in the effort whether that is reducing damage to your home or belongings.

As the leading roofing contractors in Melksham, we come across different types of roof leaks every day however there are some common outliers that are more common causes for roof leaks than others. Throughout this article, we will discuss the areas that are most at risk of leaking and how you can go about avoiding these issues.

The four most likely places a roof will leak

As a qualified roofing company that has come across almost every type of leaking roof possible, there are four common outliers that stick out when it comes to the most common places a roof will leak.

The most common places a roof will leak include:

  1. Around the chimney
  2. The vent pipes
  3. Places where shingles are missing
  4. Around windows

1. Around the chimney

If you have a chimney in your home then your roof is at far more of a risk than leaking for those that do not have one. The chimney is one of the main causes of roof leaks in a property. This is typically due to damaged flashing due to weathering and old age.

Flashing are strips of metal that are installed around the roof to provide a water-tight seal in areas where the roof intersects. The issue with chimney flashing is that it is bent in order to be placed under the shingles and nailed into the chimney at a right angle. The top of the flashing is then sealed by caulk however this will eventually wear away leading to the flashing not being fully sealed and therefore resulting in a leaking roof.

If the flashing isn’t properly sealed down and installed efficiently it can also lead to leaks around the chimney. That is why you must be certain that you are hiring a reputable local roofing contractor to repair or install your roof.

The reason that leaking issues often occur around the chimney space is due to the fact that not only can the caulk sealant wear away but also the flashing itself can wear down over time causing water to get into your property.

2. The vent pipes

Another common area where a roof is susceptible to leaking is around roof vents, vent pipes or plumbing vents. A vent pipe is a pipe that protrudes from the roof to allow air to escape from the home. Typically a vent pipe will have been installed with flashing around it and a rubber seal at the top of the vent to make it water-tight so no additional water can get into the property.

Similar to the chimney, over time the flashing can become worn down and crack leading to a roof leak. It is important to mention that even a hairline crack in the seal can lead to a roof leak which can develop into something serious.

The rubber seal at the top of the vent typically has a lifespan of 7- 8 years meaning that periodic maintenance of your roof is vital to ensure that the rubber seal is not at the risk of leaking.

3. Places where shingles are missing

After adverse weather such as strong winds, heavy rainfall or snowstorms, shingles can be ripped from your roof and create an exposed area. Falling debris and hail can damage your roof requiring you to repair your roof before the weather elements get inside to your property.

Missing shingles are easy to spot so once a large storm or wild weather conditions have stopped you will need to prioritise roof repairs before the next storm or heavy rainfall hits. Shingles are the outermost layer of the roof providing your roof with stability and protection from weather. That being said if you do notice missing shingles after a large storm you must prioritise a fix and get a professional roofing company to repair any damages that have been made before the next storm rolls around otherwise your property and belongings could be severely damaged alongside the structure of your home.

4. Around windows

Windows and skylights that protrude from your roof are also weak points that can lead to water getting into your home. Although windows and skylights installed on the top of your roof can be a stand-out piece in your home and a selling point for potential buyers too allowing natural light into your home during the day, can be a weak point that can lead to a roof leak which can cause you more problems than it is worth.

There are two reasons why a window or skylight can cause roof leaks and this is similar to the following point mentioned throughout this article. The first reason why your windows and skylights are susceptible to leaking is due to the waterproof sealing along the window edges or the window flashing being worn away throughout the years after being exposed to adverse weather conditions.

The other reason why your window may be leaking is due to improper installation when it was first installed on your roof at home. With a poorly fitted window or skylight within your roof leaks can sprout down the sides and the rubber seals around the glass damaging the water barrier.


In conclusion, understanding the primary areas where roofs are most likely to develop leaks is crucial for both homeowners as well as roofing specialists within the roofing industry. Identifying and addressing the vulnerable points quickly can help you prevent costly damages to your home and property helping you to save money whilst ensuring the longevity of the roof itself.

By paying close attention to the four most likely areas where a roof will leak, you can ensure you are taking proactive measures to significantly reduce the risk of roof leaks within your property. It is also wise to seek professional roofing inspections from a local roofing company to help detect any potential issues before they escalate into a larger problem.

A well-maintained roof is the first line of protection against the elements and addressing leaks quickly can help safeguard your home from potential water damage as well as your property inside the home. It is also a good way to protect the people inside the property by ensuring the roof is of good quality without risk to the people’s safety inside the home.

To reduce the risk of roof leaks prioritise regular maintenance, quick repairs and professional roofing inspections to ensure a leak-free and durable roof that can last for many years to come.

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