Clay Tiles in Wiltshire & Surrounding Areas

A L King Roofing offer clay tiles to customers based in a wide range of areas. Our coverage includes Wiltshire, Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Bradford on Avon, Bath, Yeovil, Somerset areas and much more. We have lots of quality stock of clay tiles available for your roof.

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At Marley we believe producing great roof systems is just the start. That’s why our in-house team of experts are on hand to support you with everything you need. You’ll also find a host of tools online, including BIM files, technical literature, specification guides and speedy requests for tile samples. Come and find your inspiration at

BMI Redland

From roof tiles and underlays to eaves systems and ridges, BMI Redland have a comprehensive range of roof products and systems. All elements of BMI Redland roofs are carefully designed, tested and manufactured to give value, visual appeal and a long-lasting weathertight performance.


EDILIANS is the new name of IMERYS Roof Tiles, a long-established terracotta tile manufacturer and market leader in France.

Tudor Roof Tiles

Using the finest English clay, traditional hand making skills and the latest computer controlled kiln firing technology, we have an enviable experience in handmade clay tiles and fittings. This enables us to offer advise, technical expertise and an acknowledged ‘AAA’ customer service. All products conform to BS:EN 1304 CE Mark, and are guaranteed for durability.

Lifes Tiles

Six collections designed and selected for you and your home Each specific shape and material is then offered in a range of different colours, finishes, textures and blends to enable homeowners and professionals to select the perfect roof for their property and taste.


Combining Tradition, art and style we make beautiful clay roof tiles. We adapt our art to the style, speciality, perception and diversity of the architecture as well as the period, the colour, the texture and the nature of the project.

Dreadnought Tiles

Manufacturer of Traditional Clay Roof Tiles in true clay colours since 1805. Dreadnought Tiles are recognised for their unrivalled true clay colours. Colour is generated exclusively through the delicate control of the kiln atmosphere, without the use of surface pigments, stains or coloured sands.

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