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Roofing Ventilation in Wiltshire & Surrounding Areas

A L King Roofing offer roofing ventilation to customers based in a wide range of areas. Our coverage includes Wiltshire, Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Bradford on Avon, Bath, Yeovil, Somerset areas and much more. We have lots of quality stock of ventilation available for your roof.

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To avoid condensation, which can result in rot and mould growth, the opening at the eaves must be well ventilated. Klober offers a range of products to help achieve the required building regulations, from rafter trays to fascia vents, whilst we also offer Eave packs so you have everything you need to get on with the job at hand.

European Plastic’s product’s are designed to provide a long term solution to the problem associated with water ingress and eaves decay under the roof, including the degradation of felt and the secondary rotting of rafter timbers and roof structures.

Today, we manufacture a range of pioneering and innovative GRP products on our sophisticated continuous profiling production lines. Products conceived in Britain, made in Britain. The products are manufactured using a range of raw materials, including glass rovings and mats, varying fire resistant and retardant resins and pigments. In addition, our factory operates vacuum-forming and injection moulding machinery capable of producing products with shot weights up to 1400 grams, of which most products form part of our Pitched Roofing range.

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Glidevale is one of the most experienced companies in the market today, offering a wide range of ventilation, cavity tray, gas protection and building accessory products. A pioneer in roofspace ventilation, the Glidevale name is recognised for providing innovative yet practical solutions to suit ever changing construction techniques and practices. The ventilation range is one of the most comprehensive available in the UK and Ireland including eaves, slate, tile and ridge solutions.

Nicholson Roof products

AIRTRAK™ is a proprietary range of ventilators designed specifically for the ventilation of roof voids. AIRTRAK™ assists specifiers, builders and specialist contractors in helping them to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to the important issue of roof void ventilation and the control of condensation.

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Ubbink (UK) Ltd is part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group. Ubbink was founded in The Netherlands in 1896 and Ubbink UK was founded in 1976. Centrotherm Systemtechnik was founded in Germany in 1994 and created its parent holding company CENTROTEC in 1998. The Ubbink group was acquired by CENTROTEC in 2000. CENTROTEC SE is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable building solutions, and Ubbink Centrotherm Group manufactures the group’s building and roofing products, chimney and flue systems and ventilation ductwork.

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