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As experienced Slate Roofing Contrators, we import fibre cement slates and reconstituted slates, providing a comprehensive range of the worlds best quality roofing slates.

Fibre Cement and Reconstituted Slates -  give the appearance and charm of a natural slate, with economical, functional and environmentally friendly attibutes.


SVK LogoWith over 100 years of manufacturing, supply and technical support, SVK slates are among the strongest fibre cement slates available on the market, achieved because they exclusively use and source fibres of best quality.  SVK slates are extremely durable, with water absorption, on average, half the value of other manufacturers





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Cembrit Ltd offer fibre cement slates, available with a variety of finishes for pitched roofing.  With the support of a Europe wide business, dedicated to the development of fibre cement you can expect specialist knowledge & a specialised service from Cembrit Ltd.




Marley Eternit LogoMarley Eternit are the only manufacturers of fibre cement slates in the UK and are Kitemark certified.  Their slates provide the charm of a natural slates, with all the economical functional and evironmental friendly attributes of a natural slate




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